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String Quartet No. 2


String Quartet No. 2 is a neo-classical work in 4 movements inspired by the quartets of Beethoven and Brahms, while also introducing modern harmonic and rhythmic elements to create a work that is a fusion of traditional technique and modern flair.

Play the piece by clicking the triangle buttons below! (Please keep page open while playing)

Mvt. 1

Mvt. 2

Mvt. 3

4th Mvt. not available for listening at this time.

What others are saying:

“Another really fine piece – you are putting out so much I can’t keep track of them! The performance is close to perfect also, and there are a lot of varied articulations in it – not easy to do. I think quartets will be interested in performing this especially when the entire piece is complete.” W. Kersten, composer and film maker.
“Enjoyed this. Engaging and coherent.” Col

“Again, a very idea-rich, mature composition. Certainly above my modest abilities. I didn’t expect that major chord at the end of the 2nd movement, that was fun I liked a few other moments when the piece took an unpredictable turn for me. All 4 voices are clear and independent, and there never was a moment when I was bored.” Crusoe

“To put it in short: it’s one of the best I heard during the last two years. The neo-classical language suits you so well and the mastery of the string techniques is getting better and better. Of course it’s a little idiotic to choose one part, but if I have to express a preference, I would choose the 4th one, because of its dense and strong story, pressed in an expressive short movement, still without losing any quality.
As a whole, this quartet carries undoubtedly your stamp, your signature. I’ve noticed that you are developing an own style of writing, even in this small orchestral strength, which requires so much insight in technique, harmony, counterpoint to realise an almost intellectual tissue of construction, form, sound building, variation, expression, emotion… all of which you seem to control easily and perfectly. For sure, Dave, a great composition!” J. Wylin

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