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Twilight of Shadows for Piano and Strings


Reality and fantasy blur in the twilight as this dramatic work evokes haunting lyricism, a passionate tango, a wobbly circus waltz, and a romantic Parisian cafe.

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What others are saying:

“The harmonic language is a bit beyond what I normally prefer, but in this context, it seems to work well. Also, the way you move in and out of the more daring harmonies is very impressive. You should be very proud of this one. The integration of the different elements to serve your narrative is very sophisticated. Normally I can come up with one or two things that suggest improvements but not this time. This is so personal and original, that it should not be tinkered with. Congratulations!” P. McGraw

“What a great piece! What I like the best is the fact this could only have been written by someone who intimately knows and loves the accordion. I can hear it in every bar. And yes, the strings and ambience are spot on. Amazingly passionate performance…and I don’t mean “for a computer realization…” I mean “amazingly passionate performance”…period. I found myself thinking of Toots Thielemans..even as a Jazz Hall of Famer, you could always hear his roots. I can hear yours in this recording. A+” T. Champe

“I love it! The combo of twilight mood with the more “passionate” rhythmic material is very appealing.
Your music is so good any commentary about acoustics seems tacky. Though the acoustics are good, all I do is listen to the music.” W. Kersten

Categories: Chamber - Piano