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David Carovillano, Composer

David Carovillano, Composer

On "The Soul Awakens" Clarinet Concerto: “If Ralph Vaughan-Williams and Mahler had a love child… This movement is so delightfully dense with musical wit and whimsy – and humanity." S. Baumel

On "The Exorcist" for Bass Clarinet and Strings: “There is some haunting music in this along with high drama…Your usual story-telling rhetoric is in fine evidence and takes the listener on an adventure that they can invent as much as you dictate.” M. Hewer

On "Whisper in the Wind" for Flute, Viola, and Harp: “Absolutely masterful. You did honour to all three instruments: you have written to their very own properties and sound. Together they build intriguing ensemble without losing their selves. The composition as such is an open invitation to enjoy a chamber music concert. Very accessible, easy to understand and to dream away in. I’m a first row fan!” J. Wylin

On "Phoenix Rising" String Quartet: I often find myself thinking “this goes somewhere” when listening to your music. It says something, tells a story, if only one of changing moods. This is the indescribable gift that some composers have. you just have a sense of meaning when listening to their music. So much contemporary music is all technique and little meaning. But not yours.” M. Diemer