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What makes me tick? A metronome, of course!

If I wanted to write a long bio, I'd be a writer. Go listen to my music, please!

The Holy Trinity of Life: Good Music, Good Food, and Good...

Life is more than money...it's about legacy.

I'd really like for an orchestra to perform my music. What say you, Maestro?

What job pays less than a composer? No, seriously, I'm curious!

I may not be Beethoven, but I do count my coffee beans like he did.

My wife tells me my music is good, but I'd really like an objective opinion.

Being a composer may make me poor, but automation won't take over my job any time soon!

I don't write music for a living; I live to write music.

About Information
About Information

As a concert accordionist and composer, David Carovillano has spent the better part of two decades exploring creativity without constraint.  After completing his Master of Music degree from the University of Toronto, he has embarked on a 20 year odyssey performing as part of the internationally-recognized duo, Acclarion alongside his wife, clarinetist, Rebecca Sajo-Carovillano.  Together, their career has taken them on tours across Canada and the United States, performing in almost every Canadian province and territory, as well as a dozen U.S. states, while receiving invitations to perform internationally in China and Columbia. Acclarion has released 4 albums, the self-titled debut, AcclarionWhat If…?Shattered Expectations, and the clarinet and piano album, Reflections.  They have also performed with Order of Canada bassoonist, George Zukerman, harpist, Erica Goodman, and Juno-award winning pianist, Angela Park.  As unique and unfamiliar as their exploration of the accordion and clarinet are, Acclarion has been well-received by the arts and broadcasting community.  Two, hour-long CBC radio specials, countless CBC national and regional shows, including Disk Drive and the Vinyl Cafe, NPR Radio in the United States, Radio-Belgrade, among others have featured their music extensively.

In 2013, while continuing to perform, David turned his attention to composing for chamber ensembles and orchestras.  Respecting the centuries of Western art music tradition, from the Baroque to the avant-garde, David writes music that at its heart remains beautiful, sincere, and accessible to listeners, while presenting sophisticated and intricate artistic elements that inspire musicians to play it.  Classical Follies for String Orchestra was premiered by the Windsor Symphony Orchestra under Maestro Robert Franz, in 2015.  The Fall of Man for Orchestra, was premiered in 2019 by Maestro Daniel Wiley and the W.S.C.O.  Former Principal Cellist of the Michigan Opera Theater, Nadine Deleury, has alongside her colleagues, performed chamber string music, including String Quartet No. 1, two string trios, In the Blink of an Eye, and Premonition, and premiered a work for clarinet, accordion, and string quartet, Bach to the Future.  Members of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra have premiered Whisper in the Wind for flute, viola, and harp, which has also been performed by musicians from Windsor-based, 4th Wall ConcertsDavid was recently awarded an Ontario Arts Council grant based on a commission from the Toronto-based Odin Quartet, to complete his third string quartet, Apotheosis, which was premiered in Toronto, March, 2023.

Looking to reach new audiences, David’s recent virtual concerts and multimedia events have been successful in marrying energetic live performances alongside virtual instruments and stunning visual imagery that captivates audiences.  The Canada Council for the Arts awarded David a grant to complete Circus of the Mind, a 30 minute online multimedia event featuring accordion and clarinet performances with virtual string quartet, marimba, and classical guitar.  The Ontario Arts Council honoured David with a grant to complete the score for his one-of-a-kind concerto for accordion, clarinet, and orchestra, Indomitable Spirit.  The A.C.H.F. funded two additional projects, Clarinet for the Soula virtual concert featuring Rebecca Sajo-Carovillano debuting a movement from David’s clarinet concerto, The Soul Awakens, and the creation of a new composer concert series that will be developed in the coming years.

In addition to live music performance, David is recognized for his expertise in utilizing computers and virtual instruments to create outstanding, realistic renditions of orchestral and chamber music.  Numerous of his compositions have been featured as official demos for the Vienna Symphonic Library, and his work, Vesuvius for Violin and Piano, employing the Joshua Bell violin, has been featured by the virtual instrument company, Embertone.  To date, David has produced well over one hundred works for various chamber ensembles and orchestra that are performed using virtual instruments; among them, The Sword of Damocles for marimba and string quartetEuphoria for wind quintetPathos and Rapture piano quintet, and Chasing Brilliance for orchestra.  David’s 2023 album releases include Do You Hear Me? featuring orchestral works highlighted by the five-movement suite, The Forces of Nature, and an upcoming album of string quartets, Lost In It.

David is grateful to have been able to retire in his 30s owing to his relentless pursuit of the F.I.R.E. principles (financial independence, retire early) so that he may now enjoy the benefit of writing and performing music without any external forces affecting his creativity…well, that is except for his precocious daughter, Aria, walking into his music studio and showing him how to tickle the ivories.

What People Are Saying...
2003- Present
Co-Founder, Acclarion

Member of Internationally-acclaimed accordion and clarinet duo, Acclarion.

Released 4 albums: Acclarion, What If…?, Shattered Expectations, and Reflections.

Performances and tours through most Canadian provinces/territories, and 12 U.S. states.

Music featured on numerous National/International radio shows, including 2 feature-length CBC radio performances, and a feature-length radio show in Serbia.

Composer at Dear Villain Music

Composer of numerous works for chamber ensembles, orchestra, and media.
Music licensing for media productions.
Performances by orchestras and noted classical musicians in Canada and the United States.

Co-Creator of "Squeezy" Interactive Musical Book App

Wrote feature-length story and music for “Squeezy”, a children’s animated story.
Designed interactive book app, featured in Apple Store.

Mus. Bac. Perf

Bachelor’s Degree in Music with Honours – University of Toronto, Faculty of Music

M. Mus

Master’s Degree in Music with Honours –   University of Toronto, Faculty of Music

B. Ed.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education –
Nipissing University

Notable Achievements
Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council Grants

Circus of the Mind Multimedia Event (Canada Council grant recipient)
Indomitable Spirit Double Concerto for Accordion and Clarinet (Ontario Arts Council grant recipient)
Commission from Odin Quartet for String Quartet No. 3: Apotheosis (Ontario Arts Council grant recipient)

A.C.H.F. Grants

Clarinet for the Soul Virtual Concert
Scores Alive Composer Series
What Will Become of Us? Orchestral Work/Film Presentation
Duets for Piano and Orchestral Instruments

W.E.A. Elizabeth Havelock Grant

Presented to Acclarion for body of work and contributions to the arts community.



What If…?

Shattered Expectations


Dawn of a New Era

Select Live Performances

Members of Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (Whisper in the Wind)

Members of Michigan Opera Theatre Orchestra (In the Blink of an Eye, Premonition)

Windsor Symphony Orchestra (Classical Follies)

W.S.C.O. (Fall of Man)


Vienna Symphonic Library/Embertone

Composed official demos for the Vienna Symphonic Library, including “Secret Lives of Gnomes”, Big Top Hijinks, To the Summit, and others.
Composed work featuring Joshua Bell Violin from Embertone as part of their library release campaign.