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Phoenix Rising for String Quartet


The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite; revive from ashes and rise. – Miguel de Cervantes, as quoted in The Book of the Bizarre: Freaky Facts & Strange Stories (2008) by Varla Ventura, p. 46

This fiery and intense string quartet follows the fiery rebirth of the phoenix. Sprightly rhythm, sublime melody, and sparkling harmony contribute to this one movement work for string quartet.

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What others are saying:

“I’ve always thought a string quartet is one of the most challenging of forms. I’ve never seriously thought of attempting one. but you have certainly pulled it off, David. It’s highly polished, and no element is lacking, from the counterpoint to the harmony. Excellent use of contrasts of range and meter. I often find myself thinking “this goes somewhere” when listening to your music. It says something, tells a story, if only one of changing moods. This is the indescribable gift that some composers have. you just have a sense of meaning when listening to their music. So much contemporary music is all technique and little meaning. But not yours.” M. Diemer

“The phoenix frolics through the piece in all the instruments, neatly divided in their parts (musically and in the underlying story). All the instruments sound very good and perform their individual parts in perfect balance. You’ve managed to spread your musical story in equal part distribution, which is important to keep the listeners attention in order to follow the musical events. In one word: bravissimo.” J. Wylin

“This is excellent. Lively, airy, light. Nice dynamic contrasts in the various sections, nicely space – the slower tempo around 1’0″ and again 3’01” , 3’50” etc. A certain majesty rises from it toward the close. I was trying to imagine it in performance – it would come off with panache, I’ll wager.” D. Aubrun

“The sound is really good. No obvious problems with the sound. The midi-performance is really great also, very convincing. I think of the string quartet as the most personal and in some ways the most intimidating ensemble for me. So I have yet to attempt one. I enjoyed listening to your quartet. I was most impressed with the counterpoint.” P. McGraw

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