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Capriccio Cattivo for Clarinet and Piano


Capriccio Cattivo is a virtuosic clarinet and piano piece in the style of Weber’s Perpetuum Mobile and Gouvy’s Rondo (Clarinet Sonata).

Play the piece by clicking the triangle button below! (Please keep page open while playing)

What others are saying:

“A capriccio for sure, but cattivo? No way… The way it frolics and jumps up and down, tiptoes in chromatic sequences is just marvellous and no cattivo at all. What a wonderful clarinet with such a great realism and with all the typical sonic properties or better peculiarities of the instrument (with the slight tone bendings, the audible harmonics with higher velocities, the sharp and soft reed attacks…) Too many subtleties to mention. The piano accompaniment is perfect: it supports the clarinet so well and never distracts, although sometimes it comes in quite distinctly. Great piece!” J. Wylin

“That is a great piece! I really like it. I thought the last iteration of the main theme just near the end should have gone prestissimo to the end, really furiously – it seems to slow a little there but shouldn’t. But I have to ask – isn’t that a real clarinet? Rebecca plays clarinet. It sounded perfect. Of course the very fact I am asking shows how great VSL has become. Also your website looks very good!” W. Kersten

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