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Awakening Piano Trio


Bold, energetic gypsy flourishes cascade against a romantic, harmonically rich backdrop in this dramatic work for piano trio.

Play the piece by clicking the triangle button below! (Please keep page open while playing)

What others are saying:

“Very nice work. I put it on whilst doing emails etc. and found myself listening more than doing admin. I particularly liked the music around 7′ 15″ cf – I was listening to some Debussy last night and this section reminded me a little of some of his quirks.”  M. Hewer

“Fantastic piece, Dave! Wonderful piano with distinct and neat strings, skillfully handled and set to samples. You’ve built an interesting structure with thrilling phrases, translated in interesting instrumental parts. Congratulations for that. Hopefully it will be performed live!”  J. Wylin

“Wonderful! Love it!”  J. Gerber

“I like it. Very original. Spatialization is very good. ”  P. McGraw



Categories: Chamber - Piano