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Aria’s Dance for Clarinet, French Horn, and Cello


The richly romantic opening cello theme is developed and manipulated throughout this expressive and passionate trio.

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What others are saying:

“With pleasure I listened to Aria’s Dance. Again a wonderful job: good composition and an excellent equilibrated ‘trialogue’ of instruments, well constructed and written to the specifities of the participating instruments. This is a challienging score for unusual chamber ensemble. A good asset for a small concert!”  J. Wylin

“Lovely piece, nice composition and orchestration!”  J. Gerber

“It’s like listening to a heated conversation between three strong personalities. The cello, horn, or clarinet blurts something out and the others either agree, add to it or issue a challenge. Sometimes they all compete with each other but they are each acutely aware that others are listening in and no one wants to be upstaged by the other.  Above all else. They each want to have the last word which I think the clarinet sneaks in at the last second.  Anyway, well done!”  J. Smith

Categories: Chamber - Mixed