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Perpetual Light


Perpetual Light for Violin and Orchestra is a single movement tone poem that captures the essence and energy of fire, through the perspective of a lone candle. As the flame dances around the wick, it remains stoic against the forces that seek to extinguish it, continuing to shine its beam of light proudly. Just when the smoldering flame appears to have dissipated, it roars back to life with renewed vigour. The candle’s fire dramatizes the struggle between the light and the dark; the energy that is all around us, waiting to be unleashed. In our moments of deepest despair, the Perpetual Light will bring us hope.

Play the piece by clicking the triangle button below! (Please keep page open while playing)

  • David Carovillano (SOCAN) Perpetual Light for Violin and Orchestra
  • Date 2019
Categories: Orchestral