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Pathos and Rapture Piano Quintet


This richly-textured piano quintet takes the listener on a cathartic journey of emotional pathos to jubilant rapture.

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Mvt. 1

Mvt. 2

What others are saying:

“Such exquisite, timeless music! I listened to it as I do all music: hoping to hear what the artists felt in creating it and what they were trying to say to me. Frankly, I usually can’t tell. So much of what I hear seems like it was created to fill a particular need…evoke a certain sound, touch some specific emotion…whether the musician ever felt it or not. Oh, I can admire or even enjoy such stuff if it’s well done, but it’s not what I am hoping for when I click PLAY on a tune I’ve never heard before. Your music never disappoints.

Interestingly, in this work, all I could feel was the Rapture. I’m sure that’s my weakness as a listener coming through; conditioned by a lifetime of minor tonality + slow tempo = sad. But if it was easy for me to sense the joy, wonder, and love that you put into this piece. You guys are rare talents, destined to have a voice that is not really of this time and place. I’m sorry that such a relatively small number of people will ever experience it but I’m happy that I am one of them.” – T. Champe

“That sounds wonderful, I wanted to listen on my old style stereo system not a computer. This needs to be on CD and – best of all – LP records…” – W. Kersten

“There’s a lot of expression, both in music itself and in the execution (those slight, but quite assertive tempo changes). I liked how the piece progresses compositionally, and with two parts it felt like a complete piece (although I guess there’s some freedom for expansion there)…” – Crusoe

“Fine work, well structured and developed, although I thought the 2nd movement was more coherent than the first (which –if you permit– sounds a bit like you can’t really choose between Rachmaninov and Ravel!); it was certainly more lyrical. The first mvmt, of course, feels more energetic, and interesting with its rather large leaps. Both mvmts are well worth a listen. The rendering feels very natural: I never got the impression I was listening to the “wrong” articulation, nor that the samples limited the performance.” – T.G.V.

“Well, well, well (three holes in the ground as my wife would say) here we are then – a great new talent has joined CF and I for one am delighted. I have just spent a very satisfying 13 minutes listening to Pathos and Rapture Movements 1 & 2 – a most enjoyable experience. This is well worth listening to for any number of reasons. Generally, the piece is inventive, has great variety (whilst remaining cohesive throughout), clearly both mvts meet the brief of examining and demonstrating pathos and rapture in a most musical fashion. This is very accomplished writing indeed – expressive, emotive, intellectually rewarding and excellent technique shown in the writing for both piano and strings – good balance too. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward very much to hearing more from you.” – S. Lines
“Very mesmerizing. Wonderful realistic mix.” – T. Smith

“I listened to it all. Brilliant! Is it a live recording or a DAW? It sounds live.” S. King

“Superb, David, just superb. The instruments, the entire performance, sound live. This is wonderful music, and wonderfully realized. I would think Mr. Bell has to be impressed, and smiling that his violin has inspired such glorious sounds.” M. Diemer

“Fun piece and done really well.” S. Dzorelashvili

“Wow! Really(!) nice work! You must be one of the more skilled pianoplayers around here. How long did this take to do? Keep up the good work!” Shantar

“I enjoyed listening. Very dramatic, which I like. Wonderful harmonies. The first movement sounds very orchestral to my ears. I believe it would work very well for full orchestra. That first movement is full of tension and has a “romantic” character that brought Korngold to mind. And of course, that is a good thing.” P. McGraw

“This is yet another fine piece…the music just grabs you by the hand and drags you into this multiverse of expressions themes and ideas. In short, it’s a musical journey rather just a listening experience.. Put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride because you are about to take a tour through a diverse range of sonic dimensions. Each one of these dimensions are aesthetically pleasing in their own unique way. Of course one listen isn’t enough to fully absorb the emotion and soul being displayed here.” J. Smith

  • David Carovillano (SOCAN) Pathos and Rapture Piano Quintet
  • Date 2019
Categories: Chamber - Piano