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Catch Me If You Can Wind Quintet


Melodic interplay and detailed counterpoint between woodwind instruments defines this bubbly, charming, and fun wind quintet.

Play the piece by clicking the triangle button below! (Please keep page open while playing)

What others are saying:

“The counterpoint is crisp and sharp complimenting the themes naturally. It’s sound like a collaboration between Bach and Haydn. I’m guessing that the main theme is the Me in “Catch Me If You Can?” It appears and reappears at various times during the piece with no ryhme or reason as to when or why it appears when it does. It’s a delightful theme too full of fun and vigor. I must say that I would get a little excited whenever it reared it’s beautiful head then try and chase it down.” – J. Smith

“As usual, a wonderful piece of work. What always gets me when I hear a new piece from you is the variety of styles you’ve got running around in your head, along with chops to make a nice piece of music out of them. Well, that and the sheer bulk of your output. Do you ever, like…sleep?” – T. Champe, hornist, Air Force Band

“Some nice scoring moments too and expressive programming. The counterpoint works very well and there is a programatic feel to it because of your musical thought process. The whole piece sounded idiomatic and It could be the last movement of a wind suite, so get on with it…:-)” – M. Hewer

“That is a very charming and energetic piece, and uses the woodwind quintet timbres really well.” – W. Kersten

“Playful and whimsical, I very much enjoyed it… The variations are great. This would be fun to play.” – L. Aurich

“This piece is very well done. You have a virtuoso command of ensemble interplay and the excellent production work complements it perfectly. The composer in me loves midi precision and clarity so when you can add expression and quality tone to the mix I’m happy to take this over a “real” recording. You might consider humanizing this somewhat though. The stereo separation adds clarity but I’m not used to sitting in the middle of a group and hearing perfect musicianship. As I say, this is better than reality, so if reality (audio fidelity) is your goal maybe you should murk this up just a bit? Great stuff, thanks for posting.” – I. Lee

Categories: Chamber - Winds/Brass