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The Fall of Man for Orchestra


This grand orchestral work features a strongly defined theme depicting humanity’s struggle amidst the turmoil of our times. The harp and marimba are prominently featured against the lush backdrop of rich strings, brass fanfares, and woodwind patter.

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What others are saying:

“Relatively simple piece, if compared to your previous works that I listened to. Specifically, foreground elements are simple, but on 2nd listening I’ve paid attention to the background as well, and for me that was where all the interesting ideas are. I liked how rhtyhm is created by different orchestral combinations, sometimes affirmative and sometimes quite subtle. I also liked how you used marimba’s lower register to blend in. The performance was convincing to my ear (great job!) Good work as always!” – Crusoe

“It seems very cinematic to me and out of your normal comfort zone. But that doesn’t say anything about the qualities of the piece. You skillfully melted different styles and genres to one beautiful organic entity with so many subtle and craftlyl designed sonic patterns. The somewhat unnatural balance within the orchestra gives it some touch of studio recording, wheras the strings put us back on the concert stage. Let’s summarize the composition as surprising and refreshing. Not an highly innovative piece, but with so many creative ideas… Congrats!” – J. Wylin

“What strikes me about this piece is the main theme. It’s really a beautifully dark and cinematic theme. I’ve noticed that about your music lately. I’m starting to recognize discernible themes that I didn’t recognize before. Maybe I just never noticed but everything I was going to say about this piece has already been said so I’ll end it here. Well done!” J. Smith

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