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The Exorcism for Bass Clarinet, Piano, and String Quartet


The Exorcism for Bass Clarinet, Piano, and String Quartet is an atmospheric track that could easily form the basis of a filmnoir soundtrack.

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What others are saying:

“A fantastic piece, with so much refined ambience. You mention the film noir and thriller, scary… All these emotions/feelings are eloquently present as if the composition was written with a well defined purpose in mind. But apart from the non-musical content, it shows again how masterfully you deal with sound shaping and instrumental techniques. The bass clarinet is simply outstanding and more than realistic both in sound and playing technique and it fits so well here in this context. But the strings (again with a number of exquisite effects) figure adequately in the role of ambience makers without losing any musicality. In one word: great! I enjoyed (right choice of words here???) every single second of it!” – J. Wylin

“That sounds excellent, and it has very imaginative orchestration.” W. Kersten

“I thought it was rhythmically well balanced and orchestrally very interesting. The music was alive throughout, with unexpected color or harmonic changes, so it keeps the listener enganged all the time I could give more intelligent comments after listening to it a few times.” A. Kumar

“There is some haunting music in this along with high drama…Your usual story-telling rhetoric is in fine evidence and takes the listener on an adventure that they can invent as much as you dictate.” M. Hewer

“Your piece “The Exorcism” is, in my opinion, one of the best things you have ever posted. The piece is filled with emotion and pathos. The use of each instrument is superb. Lots of variety of colors and textures, but always contributing to the emotional context of the piece. Having some instruments resting frequently adds to their impact when they enter. Harmonic choices are excellent, particularly in the creative use of pedal tones… It is a piece that I would give a standing ovation.” -P. McGraw

Categories: Chamber - Piano