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From the Ashes Cello Concerto


From the Ashes is a Cello Concerto in 4 movements. This powerful, dramatic work instantly grabs attention as the solo cello integrates with the orchestra right from the start, avoiding the common “double exposition”. Virtuosic passages highlight the capabilities of the cello, while intensity gives way to playfulness in the dance-like sections. The second movement features a haunting theme in the cello against a backdrop of major/minor pizzicato arpeggios in the low strings. The third movement is a solo cello cadenza that further develops material from the first movement and demonstrates full on bravura technique. It leads as a direct attacca in to the fourth movement, the first and only one in a major key, symbolizing the hope and optimism as the cello has risen from the ashes of despair in to the light. The piece leads to its climactic conclusion and ends almost abruptly/unexpectedly. It is my hope that this Cello Concerto will one day be performed live in concert. In the meantime, I present to you my most ambitious virtual recording to date, utilizing the Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestra.

Play the piece by clicking the triangle buttons below! (Please keep page open while playing)

Mvt. 1

Mvt. 2

Mvts. 3 and 4

What others are saying:

“I listened and it sounds great! Really well-developed piece, consistent interest throughout a really large expanse (not easy to do!), and a huge amount of variety and expression in the cello part writing. That cello has a lot of espressivo and is so well done. In general, it’s weird in a way for me to try and criticize because you are working in your area of art fluently and skillfully, and are beyond my telling you how to do anything. You either know or figure it out on your own in the world that you are carving out with your work. I am so impressed and know each piece you do will be another fascinating one.” W. Kersten

“…(I’ve listened) to your wonderful concerto a number of times. It is a remarkable work; unlike anything else of yours that I know…At first I was put off by the soloist busting straight into the tune without so much as a by-your-leave. But it actually grew on me with subsequent hearings. The first movement is really arresting and solid. I think a strong, aggressive soloist could really grab an audience with it.

I think your use of woodwinds is great throughout, adding color and flash. They never take focus off the cello, they add to it’s brilliance. I especially like the idea of a 3rd movement/ cadenza intro/partita for solo cello. Fantastic! The soloist gets to cut loose with the kitchen sink, right in the spotlight. Those multi-stops…wow! Terrific!…No matter who plays it, they’ll have to bring their A game to outdo your MIDI on this thing. The orchestra is good but you really outdid yourself on the solo. Bravo!” T. Champe

“Very beautiful, especially the haunting second part! The cello part is a very trying one, a challenge for every player. Hopefully it grabs one’s attention… Bravissimo!” J. Wylin

“Your best work yet!” K. O. Edwards

“The composition and performance are absolutely amazing.  I like that the mix is not drowned in reverb, but keeps a very natural direct sound.  Great work!” Stefan Telser

“Dave – hope you get a live performance of this, because the cellist would give a very active show. It evokes Spain to me for some reason.”  “Black Dorito” from V.I. Control

“Excellent! Very accomplished piece. And very enjoyable to listen to. Looking forward to hearing the rest.”  “Ifness” from V.I. Control


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