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String Quartet No. 3 Apotheosis

World Premiere of David Carovillano’s String Quartet No. 3 – “Apotheosis” to be performed by the Odin Quartet in Toronto, Winter of 2023.

With funding support from the Ontario Arts Council Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario – Welcome | Bienvenue, I am pleased to announce the world premiere of String Quartet No. 3 by the Toronto-based Odin Quartet in the Winter of 2023.

Please bookmark this page for updates when the specific date, time, and location have been confirmed. In the meantime, enjoy a virtual performance and interpretation of the piece.

About the work:

Themes of intense bravura, sorrowful longing, mysterious passion, and tempestuous energy haunt the
composer’s mind. Like a novelist whose characters take over to dictate how the story will unfold, the
composer becomes a mere vessel for this thematic material to express itself; the themes quarrelling in
his head, each demanding an opportunity to weave its story, to prove it is the theme truly worthy of